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01-09-03 Storm Report:               
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Thunderstorm pictures taken in the Cooloola Region :

On Monday evening (01-09-03) there was some thunderstorm activity out to the North West of Gympie, it hung out there almost stationary for about two hours. The photo below shows the very small isolated cell building to a climax at about 19:15

Small but concentrated thunderstorm building to NW

The cell intensifies and travels on a path ESE bombarding Tamaree and Veteran with thousands of tons of hail. The weight of the hail collapses roofs and buildings, SES and Energex are called out. 

Storm at 19:15


16 hours later hail is still piled up on the side of the road under the full sun. This was a very concentrated small cell, residents in Gympie City were not even aware that this storm had developed until reading about it in the next day's Gympie Times.

Hail 16 hrs later

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