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15-11-05 Storm Report:               
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Thunderstorm pictures taken in the Cooloola Region :

Tuesday afternoon (15-11-05 6:00pm )   there were a few cumulus clouds forming a line to the South, the line kept building and slowly moving North East toward Gympie. The radar loop below gives the picture. Note that it was the second line of storms that became severe.

Radar loop Two donkeys and a herd of cows congregate at the fence
The stock became aware of the impending danger and gathered in the corner of the paddock. If lightning had struck in the vicinity, it would have had the potential of killing all these animals.

By 6:50pm it was very obvious that we would get strong wind and heavy rain from this system... actually it was starting to look quite nasty.

The Start of something ominous. Black squall line developing to the South
Black squall line continuing to develop. Squall line develops further.
Between 7:00pm and 7:15pm the Gympie AWS had recorded 47mm of rain, the Automatic Weather Station is located to the NW of the city but, the brunt of the storm seemed to be to the South, this was quite a rainfall rate considering the wind was blowing nearly horizontal.

I went into Gympie without my camera... silly me! I thought that I would capture some footage of the storm's path in the morning, but I couldn't wait that long so I drove back out to Veteran to get it. It was about 11:00pm by the time I started taking the photos.


A tree snapped off down at the One Mile Ovals. Looking across the One Mile Ovals toward Monkland


An uprooted tree at the "Duck Ponds" at Monkland 
(Remember these are night shots, I used a time lapse exposure and sat the camera  on the bonnet of the Landrover

An uprooted tree at the Duck Ponds at Monkland

I had to be extra careful in the dark due to the tangled and fallen power lines around.

Mining Museum with tree debris everywhere Looking back North toward Gympie from Monkland

The Emergency Crews were hard at it around midnight, these photos were taken on Horshoe Bend. Gympie was without power for most of the night, the Cooloola Community Private Hospital were relying on a backup generator for most of the night. 

Energex works hard to get the fallen trees off power lines SES Crews were working most of the night.
Now for the morning stint... Just as well I took some of the photos through the night as work was well underway this morning to clean up the mess. Many thanks to all the workers that toiled through the night.
A major Energex repair job underway in the distance Only a smaller flow of water into the Duck Ponds this morning
Duck-Pond area at Monkland...
Big tree down near the Monkland Herritige Railway Station For sale... Going cheap NOW!
House damage on Hall Road...
Roofless house on Hall Road. The occupants may have been still asleep after their night's ordeal.
Satellite TV any one? The roads and power lines were cleared, but many driveways were still blocked.

            Anyone for Satellite TV?                                        Noosa Road and Hall Road intersection

Near the Mothar Mountain Speedway. Then there was this tree...
I was talking to the occupant of this home in town and she told me how it took so long for her dad to come to her aide when the tree had come down. He just couldn't get there very quickly at all due to all the debris on the road. As I got talking to her and took a couple of photos she said, "There's a car under that tree and one in the garage" I  looked in disbelief, but upon further inspection there it is... a shiny red car! 
Then there was this tree... on the roof. Then there was this tree... on the house... and on the CAR!
Then there was this tree... Uprooted... On the House... and Whoaa... ON the CAR! 

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