Veteran Weather Station

31-10-03 Storm Report:                 
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These thunderstorm pictures were taken on 31-10-03 Friday evening at approx. 18:30
The Veteran Weather Station recorded the following wind gusts during the height of the storm... 
31/10/2003 18:34:08 Wind Speed kph 140.0 / 75.6 knots
31/10/2003 18:34:08 Wind Gust kph 140.0 / 75.6 knots
31/10/2003 18:35:08 Wind Gust kph 140.0  / 75.6 knots

Picture looking toward Gympie from the Veteran Weather Station, the right hand CG has struck in the vicinity of the Gympie North Railway Station. The left hand CG has struck, by my estimation, close to the MVHR Railway Station.


This picture is looking toward Widgee on the Western side of Gympie


A nice "Aerial Spark" over the Gympie South Side. 

I guess there will be plenty more to follow in this path. God Bless... Ted

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