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Cooloola Severe Weather Gallery:                 
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A collection of severe weather events that have occurred in the Cooloola Region :

Flood of April 1992 [April 1992 Flood Photos]

Flood 10-02-1999 [February 1999 Flood Photos]

Thunderstorm 02-09-2003 [Severe Isolated Hailstorm]

Thunderstorm 25-10-2003 [Electrical Storms]

Thunderstorm 31-10-2003 [General Thunderstorms]

Thunderstorm 08-01-2004  [This is a bit of a mystery]

Thunderstorm 30-01-2004  [Severe Hail and Electrical Storm]

Thunderstorm 22/23-02-2004  [Two Nights of Electrical Storms]

East Coast Low 05-03-2004  [Complex Low Pressure System -minor flooding

Gympie Supercell 15-11-2005  [Violent evening Supercell -major damage


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