The Word on the Weather


Click to enlarge. A fire tornado captured during NSW fires
A fire tornado is not only a rare sight but a fearsome thing...

Two of the driest areas of the world are Northern Chile and the eastern Sahara Desert. Most years they do not receive any rainfall. In fact, Calama, Chile, didn't have a drop of rain from 1570 to 1971. That's 400 years without rain!
Did you know that the top of the Antarctic ice sheet normally receives only an inch (25mm) of water in the form of snow each year? In fact, it is called a polar desert. This being the case, where do you think it's 10,000 ft (3,050 m) of ice could have come from?
The worldwide flood account in Genesis of the Bible set the stage for the Ice Age. Enormous amounts of water vapor rose from the warm ocean and blew onto the cool continents. Snow piled up as storm after storm blew onto the continents, the sheer weight of the snow compacted into ice. North America, northern Europe, northwest Asia, Greenland and Antarctica developed ice sheets that we can still see today. Scientists who believe in the evolution-uniformitarian model have difficulty accounting for the Ice Age. It is extremely difficult for ice sheets to form in the present climate. That is why more than 60 theories have been invented to try to account for the Ice Age. All these theories have serious difficulties.




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