Click to enlarge. God's promise in a rainbow.

The Word on the Weather

RAIN  [Precipitation] 

Why should we pray for rain? The wise Creator has already established the weather patterns. We may need the rain but it could be a problem for others in our neighborhood. God desires our prayers when they are made in sincerity and faith. Gravity, weather cycles and planet motions are established to serve us, the Lord can alter them at His pleasure. A stormy sea can be calmed (Mark 4:39), Elijah prayed causing a drought which lasted three and a half years, and then for rain (James 5:17,18) During the time of this drought, not even the dew formed (1Kings 17:1) "Ask the Lord for rain in the springtime; it is the Lord who makes the storm clouds" (Zech.10:1) God is entirely able to do what is best for all of us when we pray a believing prayer (Phil.4:6) He is sovereign. He is able to cause a torrent of rain to fall on one side of the street, and not a drop of rain on the other.  

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