The Word on the Weather

Click to enlarge. Storm front approaching land.
The giant monster builds and boils, and then it comes...

STORMS...Consider Psalm 29 of the Bible, one of the most graphic descriptions of a storm in ancient literature. David the psalmist calls the storm the 'voice of the Lord' as it moves in from the north Mediterranean Sea and sweeps over the land. 
First we hear the distant thunder across the water, then we see nearby lightning flashes (vv. 3, 7). The storm shatters the mighty cedar trees of Lebanon and twists the great oaks. The mountains of Lebanon tremble before the strength of the storm (v. 6). The storm then moves across the desert regions of the south with no letup in it's intensity (v.8) Verse 10 includes a flash flood resulting from the thunderstorm. The flood of Noah's day may also be implied in this verse.
A storm is terrifying, but at the same time it is a majestic demonstration of power. The Lord is directly named 18 times in Psalm 29; He is in the storm. God's people who visualize the universe as God's temple shout 'Glory!' when they observe such a storm and give praise to God (v.9) Try this praise next time you experience a thunderstorm.




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